"We come up with a flexible and true solution instead of just building new layers on top of an existing product."



Terabase uses a set of proprietary tools to fashion precise - yet flexible - solutions to meet our clients' needs. We use Terabase/SRF - or Search and Retrieval Facility - a system that reads and searches information using separate indexing and data-storage components.

Data doesn't have to be stored within SRF for it to work efficiently, explains Terabase's president, Thor Olson, although it can be if a solution requires it. "SRF isn't designed to be a complete answer to all things," says Olson. "But it's a cornerstone to our approach of building fast and flexible applications."

"We look for a true solution instead of just building new layers on top of an existing product," says Wendy Koenig, the company's vice president. "We're not constrained by the tool - we're building the tool." When combined with Terabase's methodology and core programming talent, the dynamics of Terabase's tool set allow it to develop products that efficiently search large amounts of information, sometimes billions of records.

Indeed, the adaptability of the tool set, and of SRF itself, allows Terabase to create features that don't exist in other tools or environments. While many search and retrieval systems are built to address the issues of MIS departments, Terabase creates solutions that can satisfy both the data center's staff and a product's end users - without making unpalatable trade-offs. Because most usage stems from querying and retrieving data, the company designs solutions that address that dynamic, and bring to bear its core team's experience in creating large, commercial databases.

  Updated September 9, 2005
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