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Terabase Client, Northern Light, Garners Numerous Accolades

Editor's Choice Award
PC Magazine - December 5, 2000
"Whether you need an answer to a highly specific query or to a general keyword search, Northern Light may be your best option. Using a unique custom-folders feature and natural-language engine, the site aced our tests, answering queries with numerous relevant results when some sites had trouble supplying one."

Editor's Choice Award
PC Magazine - December 1, 1998
"Advanced searching: Last year's rookie of the year is now an all-star. Northern Light's addition of advanced searching features to its formidable database, as well as folders for organizing your returns, gives power users all the tools they need to find almost anything on the Web. It also includes the Special Collection of more than 4,500 publications, which adds depth to your Web searches and gives you more power than anyone else can offer. "

Best Of The Web - May 5, 2000
"Northern Light is a professional researcherís dream. The site offers specialty searches for government information as well as searches designed for businesses and other researchers by industry and source. For a fee, serious seekers can gain access to Northern Lightís online library of more than 12 million full-text articles."

Editor's Choice Award
PC Magazine - September 9, 1999
"Part Internet search engine, part full-text database service, Northern Light has powerful search capabilities and an innovative way of sorting results, combined with its fee-based Special Collection, to give it a strong edge over its competitors for research."

Best New Enterprise Portal

Canadian E-Content Awards names Single Point from Northern Light Technology as Best New Enterprise Portal.

50-50 Web Business Awards
CIO Magazine - July 1, 2000
Northern Light Technology

"This is the site you wish you'd had in college. Individuals and corporate users can search for information from AP Online, UPI and PR Newswire as well as international publications. No time for research? Sign up for e-mail alerts on research topics and have the information sent to you as it becomes available.

Northern Light named to Top 100 Web Sites by PC Magazine in November 1999, July 1999 and April 2000.

Northern Light named the Best of The Net, Top 10 in 1999, by


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