Today's end users - in business or at home - care about finding answers to their questions, not about the intricacies of the search technology. Traditionally designed databases, relying on keyword or meta-code indexing and a whole lot of computing power, can't perform with the kind of speed these users expect.

For Terabase Corporation, issues of usability and performance are well-charted waters. The company’s new logistics research product, LogiQuest, is easy to navigate and search. This tool combines information from more than 60 military databases into one easy to search logistics information system. Logistics and procurement professionals can access and search databases simultaneously using Terabase’s unique dynamic cross-referencing.

For clients, Terabase develops online publishing applications that allow large numbers of users to search incredible amounts of data. In a cutting edge field, Terabase is a company of skilled craftsmen - a group of people recognized as leading developers of information publishing solutions. Where other developers design applications to handle millions of records, Terabase pushes into the billions.

For users, the technology behind a product matters little if it doesn't deliver the results they're looking for. Terabase selected a lighthouse for its logo to represent its commitment to developing solutions that allow users to find the right information - the information they need - without getting lost in a sea of unrelated data.

  Updated October, 2006
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