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LogiQuest® Logistics Research Service

LogiQuest Logistics Research Service is Terabase’s easy to use logistics search and retrieval product.  LogiQuest is the most powerful tool available to help logistics and procurement specialists find U.S. government parts and related information. 

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LogiQuest simplifies searching by allowing users to combine text and fielded search criteria.  Users can search in real-time or offline in batch, and integrate database searches with information from the Web.  Attractive, comprehensive reports can be personalized to ensure that the information fits the user’s needs.  Innovative “dynamic cross-referencing” integrates data from multiple logistics sources, making it available to users in a seamless interface.  LogiQuest includes over sixty logistics databases, (comprised of more than 120 separate data files) and more are on the way. 

LogiQuest is the next generation logistics research product from developers whose skill and experience, plus their long familiarity with the data and the industry, has created an outstanding product.
Industry Eyes Aviation Portal is a powerful new aviation portal that integrates information from multiple sources into a single, easy-to-use research tool. There has never been an aviation information source that combines content and functionality like Take it for a test flight and tell us what you think!

  • Revolutionary, 100% pure-aviation web search engine
  • Comprehensive, keyword-searchable directory containing information on thousands of aviation companies
  • Linked and cross-referenced FAA data like you’ve never seen it before
  • Dynamic availability information on millions of parts and MRO services


Terabase®/SRF Overview

For clients who need to search large amounts of information, Terabase's toolset and its Terabase/SRF -  Search and Retrieval Facility - is the answer. Our tools use separate indexing and data-storage components to search large databases, and is a key building block in Terabase's approach to designing flexible applications. SRF enables Terabase to design solutions that don't exist in other environments and to address the needs of both users and data center managers without unpalatable tradeoffs.

Terabase At Work

Terabase Corporation is solutions driven - a company of developers who concentrate on understanding their clients’ business needs and implementing solutions. Working with clients such as Northern Light and PartMiner®, the company's developers construct rapid prototypes from minimal specifications.  They quickly design and implement products, responding to constant feedback from clients and users. The result is a highly useful application delivered more quickly. A dynamic example of Terabase's work is the classic Haystack® application, used by procurement and logistics specialists to find U.S. government parts and related information from millions of items.

Terabase Partners and Clients

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· AT&T Interchange · IBM  
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