Terabase Announces Windows 32-bit Version of Haystack for Windows


Danvers, Mass (June 2003) - Terabase Corporation has announced the release of Haystack For Windows Version 2.0 for its client Information Handling Services (IHS).  This new version directly includes the new features designed to improve performance and increase usability.

Included in the new release are an instant link to the IHS Universal Part Center service, the addition of new databases and information on specifications and standards, new reporting mechanisms, and enhanced navigation and printing features.

"The most recent changes to Haystack make this search tool even more powerful than it was before," says Terabase President Thor Olson. "We're particularly pleased that Haystack now allows users even more flexibility than they had before, both in how they search its databases and how they view its detailed information."

In addition, Olson says, "These changes were important to IHS because the company is committed to responding to the evolving needs of its customers, and nearly all of these new features were driven by user comments.

Haystack is the most powerful tool available to help reduce acquisition cycles times and total ownership costs. It is is designed to meet the needs of personnel in procurement and supply, logistics, engineering, contracting, sales and marketing, and material management. The service can be used in government locations including Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine bases, and at commercial sites such as government contractors and companies doing competitive research or market analysis.

Haystack's powerful search engine and variety of indices access information from more than 40 government databases with information on 11.5 million items. It also includes information on more than 25 million procurement histories to help users find more readily available standards parts. Haystack for Windows Online further simplifies parts and logistics research with a batch search feature that generates information on thousands of items in just minutes.

Terabase Corporation develops high-end search-engine and database solutions for publishers and other information providers around the world. Experts on creating tools that maximize product performance, the company provides project management, system architecture, and development services. In addition, Terabase has created a number of proprietary technologies that combine programming tools and libraries to enable exceptionally fast searching of extremely large databases.

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