Terabase Joins the Defense Sustainment Consortium (DSC)


Danvers, Mass (September 2005) - Terabase Corporation announces that it has joined the Defense Sustainment Consortium -- an organization dedicated to the improvement of defense logistics processes.

The Defense Sustainment Consortium is dedicated to the long-term success of the armed forces through improvement in logistics processes, and in the application of information technology to particular problems in the defense logistics area.

"We are excited about joining this organization," says Terabase President Thor Olson. "We've long been interested in the application of new technology to these logistics problems.  For years, we have applied our knowledge through our development of the Haystack system for Information Handling Services (IHS).  However, now we are ready to take a more direct role in this area, and we look forward to being able to contribute to the efforts of the DSC."

Terabase Corporation develops high-end search-engine and database solutions for publishers and other information providers around the world. Experts on creating tools that maximize product performance, the company provides project management, system architecture, and development services. In addition, Terabase has created a number of proprietary technologies that combine programming tools and libraries to enable exceptionally fast searching of extremely large databases.

  Updated September 5, 2005
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