Terabase Announces Categorized Vertical Search Engines

Danvers, Mass (August 2005) - Terabase Corporation announces the release of Categorized Vertical Search Engines developed using the Terabase/SRF for Windows toolkit.

Designed to provide users with a high performance categorized lookup, this new version of the Terabase search engine provides industry-specific lookups with the standard keyword lookup of a typical search engine.  The search engine software is supported by a simple-to-use Taxonomy Manager that provides the ability for qualified taxonomists to create taxonomic hierarchies of information specific to their industry.

Currently, Terabase has created an example application that shows the capabilities of the system for the aviation industry.  Terabase will provide demonstrations of this software upon customer request. 

"We had a number of companies come to us about building vertical market search engines using our new Terabase/SRF for Windows toolkits." says Terabase President Thor Olson. "We chose one of the more popular markets for the test -- the fast moving aviation industry.  We're very happy with the results, and we have integrated this search capability with a multitude of other industry information to make a very valuable aviation industry resource."

Terabase/SRF is the most powerful publishing-quality software available for high performance search engine work.  The software is a proven performer, having been used for the development of a wide range of information services and search engines.

Terabase Corporation develops high-end search-engine and database solutions for publishers and other information providers around the world. Experts on creating tools that maximize product performance, the company provides project management, system architecture, and development services. In addition, Terabase has created a number of proprietary technologies that combine programming tools and libraries to enable exceptionally fast searching of extremely large databases.


  Updated September 5, 2005
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